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  • Fix all speed-reducing issues detected on your PC
  • Fix and prevent Windows Blue Screens
  • Resolve ActiveX issues
  • Defrag and compact the registry
  • Keep your PC fast with automatic protection tools

How PCRepairKit Works

  • RESTORES order to system registry

    Clean, fix and defrag your system's heart

    We created PCRepairKit to clean out invalid keys, repair broken shortcuts and defragment the registry to make it more compact and organized. A healthier registry consumes less memory and allows applications to access keys in less time, which helps restore glitch-free performance.
  • RESOLVES ActiveX issues

    Smoother interaction with software and the web

    ActiveX is used in browser add-ons and for allowing one program to use another program's functionality on your PC. Corrupt ActiveX controls lead to glitches, so we equipped PCRepairKit with precise tools to detect and fix such glitches for a much smoother PC experience.
  • WATCHES OVER system performance

    Real-time maintenance for smooth operation

    Once your PC is glitch-free, we want it to stay that way so you can enjoy using it with no fear of your system crashing. We included 4 powerful tools in PCRepairKit to prevent crashes, protect your registry from external access, and improve your PC's overall security.

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Recommended by Users

  • manuel z

    excellent job

    Tweakbit fixed the slow performance issues, Helped me to get my Email Password and fixed the Google Chrome sign in problem, excellent job, thanks

    Jan 28, 2020
  • James Shelton

    Problem was fixed by TweakBit Software…

    Problem was fixed by TweakBit Software and it is now running fast and smooth. I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend them to everyone.

    Oct 20, 2019
  • albert giordano

    This software is really good

    This software is really good, I no need of any other tool to fix my computer now, I am happy with this software.

    Jan 11, 2020